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Landscape With a Peacock 

Solo Exhibition

HaMidrasha Gallery-Yarkon 19, Tel Aviv

Curator: Avi Lubin

September 2021

The artist Meital Katz-Minerbo took the large hall on the second floor of HaMidrasha Gallery-Yarkon 19, on  September 2021, to create a space that allows visitors to assimilate with it or experience it from an external perspective, allowing the visitor to change shape and play with categories of identity.

Large cloth sheets hanging from the ceiling, will function as a background, an abstraction of a landscape using hand dyed textile - the lower part is brown and green (soil and vegetation) and the upper part is blue and white (sky and clouds). Each sheet ends with an item of clothing that the artist designed, drew, printed and sewed (buttoned shirts, kaftans, headpieces),  in such a way that the background and the unique clothing details merge into one unit. The wearable items were allowed to be worn by the visitors that choose and wore them to blend in  or feel exceptional. The visitors moved through the space with the aim of being swallowed up in the background, or freed from it, becoming formless or taking on a new form, and playing with the possibilities of gender and identity, and the relationship between human, object and landscape.


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