December 2019

Anual Fashion Event in Tel Aviv

The Unreachable Green is a site specific installation that combines video, sculpture and performance. In exhibition at The International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Curitiba, Brazil, from September 2019 to January 2020. The project explores issues of identity and nomadism alongside the experience of the individual facing capitalist structures.


Collaboration between two Art/Brands: Cactus Man (Meital Katz-Minerbo) and Boutique Shawarma (Stav Porges).

Jerusalem Design Week 2019.

This is collaborative event by fashion designer Dima Leu and the artist Meital Katz-Minerbo. The two will work together in the exhibition space for two days, where they will present the exhibition from a new perspective. The collaboration will  will deal with  some of their shared subject matters:  the hybrid  and the mobility of identity through fashion. 

The Gallery Apart is proud to present The Invisibility of Plants, the second solo show hosted in the gallery spaces of Meital Katz-Minerbo, an Israeli artist based in Tel Aviv. 

The artist continues to investigate key concepts in the history and chronicles of her country, while touching on sensitive matters that relate to the human condition.

Other is a piece composed of a performative event and its leftovers. 

Other | Leftovers


Other is a site-specific work that derives from the artist's interest in the fusion between art and fashion on one hand, and in the hybrid character of The Cactus Man: the merging of a cactus and a man into an androgenic creature covered with thorns.

May-June 2016

The Sensitive Plant, Meital Katz-Minerbo’s site-specific installation, offers a reflexive look at aspects of sex and gender, drawing inspiration from 19th century poetic and visual sources, alongside themes from the world of science and botany.

May-June 2016

The elements that comprise  the installation interweave a series of disciplines – from visual art and botany to fashion design – channeling 19th century visual and conceptual values. 

May-June 2016

The Victorian domestic garden is a central image in the exhibition, as a focus that embodies a domestic space as well as a feminine site where women could work, learn, and expand their minds.

In 1926, an illiterate 13-year-old Romanian peasant girl, Eleonore Zugun, was brought to London for a series of experiments at the National Laboratory of Psychical Research.



"Drawings of Cactuses I had being observing for several months will appear as hybrids¨.

Crystal Project


“Like in a laboratory, my paintings become the ultimate petri dish where crystals can grow, constructing a bridge that connects the present with the past”.

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