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New Connections with Whomever it’s There 

Home.Building Residency Program at Liebling House TLV.


Curators: Anat Levy and Shira Levy Binyiamin

A psychological state known as animism attributes life force, soul and human characteristics to nature, inanimate objects and incorporeal beings such as ghosts or other non-humans. It is in fact the humanization of beings or objects that allows one to create a soulful connection with them. That's what happened during my visits/encounters as an artist with the building on Bar Giora Street. Through my research, the building gained life and character enabling the formation of a link between us. The building went from being a complete stranger into becoming a new acquaintance as the dialogue and the relationship between us unfolded. Spirit and matter, no longer dichotomous terms but interweaved, were revealed to me through the place and its surroundings with its wealth of formal (architectural) and materials elements. I came to regard them as lived realities* a primal, non-hierarchical experience, a meeting with the materia prima of being.

The material expression of that being is embodied in the finished object, and in the processes and various materials constituting it. Creating  my own  materia prima generates the animistic conception. Gathering and processing materials from the near surroundings establishes a dialogue between the environment and the objects it contains. It might sound like a magical act, but it happens as part of the daily routine. Like the instructions to produce charcoal for drawing lessons, published on social networks in September 2020 by two artists and lecturers from Venezuela: Daniela Guglielmetti and Penélope Aranda. The method was created during the Covid pandemic, when there was no access to art materials in the country and they had to be produced DIY, through the immediate connection and dialogue of the two artists and their environs.

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