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MKM_The Unreachable Green, 2019, Instalation View.jpg

The Unreachable Green is a site specific installation that combines video and sculpture exhibited at The International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Curitiba, Brazil, from 2020.

This project is a new phase in the Cactus Man's search for ways of empowerment and presence in this world  in the name of otherness.
The project explores issues of identity and nomadism alongside the experience of the individual facing capitalist structures. Through the project, the Cactus Man will address the consequences of the textile industry in the world, specifically the damage produced by the chemicals used to dye fabrics artificially.  The Cactus Man and his peers will go back to antique dyeing and yarning practices as an act of protest and with the purpose of sewing an oversized garment\soft object that functions as skin or a façade for a body, an empty structure that represents an alternative territory for different ways of beings. 

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